Here are a few of our landmark legal cases…

Landmark Legal CasesThroughout our 20+ years of offering a multitude of legal services we’ve handled quite a few landmark legal cases that we are proud to have represented.  A landmark case is one that we consider to be large and are court cases that we love to tell our clients about.  Although we’ve had quite a few landmark cases, these cases would be some of the ones that we feel were big cases for our firm!

Below are some of those landmark legal cases:

  • Murray v. Chrysler Motor Corp. – Seat Belt Failure
  • Felton v. Ciba Geigy, et al. – Contact Lens Product Defect
  • Hutchinson v. Cooper Tire – Tire Defect
  • Cano v. Continental Airlines – Wrongful Death
  • Barron v. General Motors GM Side-Impact Crashworthiness
  • Rowland v. Ford Motor Company – Seat Design Failure
  • Smith v. Toyota Motor Corp. – Vehicle Roll-Over Design Defect
  • Pecot v. American Honda – Airbag Defect
  • Phillips v. Mayo Clinic – Medical Malpractice
  • Tavasolli v. American Tobacco – Wrongful Death Case against Big Tobacco
  • Estrada v. Frito Lay – ADA Discrimination
  • Etling et al. v. Denny’s – Sexual Harassment
  • Hennings v. Mayo Clinic – Sexual Harassment
  • And many others…