Get the right Power of Attorney paperwork you need!

Power of AttorneyIf you are looking for a Power of Attorney in Arizona, than its time to schedule a consultation with our experienced attorneys today! We never really know what is going to happen to us, we could either become old and pass away or somehow land ourselves in a vegetative state.  The issue with either one of those options is that someone needs to know what to do to help you specific to your wishes. Our law firm offers FREE consultations to help you properly asses your needs and determine the best way to protect them.

Are your wishes to remain on life support or are your wishes to be removed from life support after all efforts have been exhausted?

In our blog “The basics to understand a Power of Attorney in Arizona” we go into great detail of how a Power of Attorney can be very beneficial to you and your well being, but that there are stipulations to each rule.

The attorneys as The Wesbrooks Law Firm understand that importance of getting your documents right the first time.  We also understand that you may have questions, need clarification or possibly need other services that relate to you, your personal assets and power of attorney needs.

Depending on your needs may actually depend on the help that you will need from our attorneys whether its a full fledged Durable Health Care Power of Attorney or even a Revocation of Power of Attorney.  If you have already deemed a Power of Attorney earlier in your life, but have decided that you’d like someone else to fulfill this position, than you’ll need to ensure you have a Revocation of Power of Attorney established.  If not, than the person with the paperwork will most likely be making these decisions for you.

As you can see, a Power of Attorney is very important and our attorneys take it seriously.