Get the right information about Debt Negotiation & Settlements!

One of the most important things about Debt Negotiation and Settlements is to understand that you must want to be willing to make a change in your lifestyle, your spending habits, consider ways of debt management and possibly consolidate bills if necessary.  The last thing we want you to do is to get the help you need, pay down your debtors and then go right back to how you were spending in the first place.

We’ve helped thousands with their Debt Negotiation, Settlements and Bankruptcy.  We can help you too!

The Wesbrooks Law Firm, PLLC has the experience to assist in both areas including education and debt negotiation.  Whether you are searching for an affordable attorney to help you with a debt review, debt settlements, debt negotiations or debt relief options we may be able to help.

Debt NegotiationThe Wesbrooks Law Firm, PLLC has plenty of years of experience in this field and has written a book specifically for debt relief.  Our goal with Debt Negotiation is to inform you and work with both you and your creditors to ensure that we help you through your difficult times.  Similar to filing Bankruptcy, we will need some important information so we can help devise a specific plan that will help you for your financial future.

Here is a shortened list of the basic stuff you should be sure to have with you:

  1. A complete list of all of your creditors, as well as what they claim you owe, the amounts as well as the addresses for each one.
  2. Your work history, where you work and how frequently you are paid.
  3. A complete list off all of your property either purchased or mortgaged.
  4. A complete list of all of your living expenses per month.

Know your rights as a consumer!  Education is key when it comes to your debtors, click here to learn more about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the FDCPA.

If your ready to get the help you need, make a change in your spending habits than you’ve found the right team to help you with your Debt Negtiation and settle!  Contact us today for your FREE consultation.

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