Let us focus on you or your child’s birth injuries. You should be cherishing your special moments together.

Personal Injury Birth InjuriesThe first process of understanding what are some birth injuries is to understand whether or not you may or may not have a birth injury case.  The short description is based on that medical care that may injure you or your child that will have lifelong effects.  Your loved one may require future medical compensation for the rest of his or her lifetime.  Having a child should be one of the most special moments in a parents lifetime, not worrying about malpractice or birth injuries.  It’s unfortunate to learn that in some cases, the negligence or reckless conduct of a doctor, nurse, hospital or their staff may result in injuries or even death to the newborn child or mom during childbirth.

Birth injuries can occur at any point during your pregnancy, including:

  • During any trimester
  • While delivering
  • Following the delivery of your new born child

The failure to recognize fetal distress and the failure to act promptly can result in the newborn suffering an anoxic or hypoxic event where the loss of oxygen results to unfortunate, yet permanent brain damage.

If you are a parent with a special needs child from a birth injury, there are many resources, which may assist you during this difficult time.  As lawyers, it is our job to give you the attention you deserve, but also get you the maximum compensation the law will afford you to ensure that your child will be able to afford quality health care.  If necessary we’ll work hard to do this and give him or her the finances to continue the care that they need throughout their adulthood.

Everyday children are born with birth injuries, which could have otherwise been preventable in the exercise of reasonable medical care.  You and your family have the right to know whether your child suffers from an affliction due to the negligent medical care.  At The Wesbrooks Law Firm, PLLC we honestly care and protect the rights of your children, and their mothers to prevent innocent people from becoming victims of medical malpractice or professional negligence in the future.  When you want answers, accountability and you need to assert your legal rights, we are here for you.  We are trained and understand your legal rights very well because that is our job.  We can assist you in determining whether there were significant deviations in the standard of care that you or your baby had incurred.

Birth injuries to mother or child are terrible, may cause quite a bit of pain and suffering and if you believe your family may had been affected by a birth injury of any kind it’s time to Schedule a Consultation with us today!  Let us help you work towards a more sustainable future.