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Schedule A ConsultationThere comes a time when we all may need some expert legal help and we are trying to make it easier for you to schedule your consultation by scheduling your consultation online!  You can always call us directly at (602) 262-4357 to schedule your appointment or even speak to a lawyer (if one is available), but sometimes getting on the phone isn’t that convenient for us.

By using our no hassle form below you now have the ability to schedule a consultation and have someone get back to you when you will be available.  Simply fill out the information we’re asking for, the date and the time that works best for you.  Our lawyers will then try to contact you at the best available time that you had given us.  Some of the legal services that we offer include free attorney consultations.  These FREE consultation services include Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Asset Protection and DUI cases.

When you use our consultation form from our website you may be one step closer to getting the information you need to file your court case. At The Wesbrooks Law Firm, PLLC we are qualified in all types of law from Bankruptcy to Personal Injury and from Family Law to Criminal Defense. Whatever type of legal service you need, contact the experts today!