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Arizona Bankruptcy Court Adopts Mortgage Mediation Modification Program - Wesbrooks Law Firm
Arizona Mortgage Modification Mediation Program - The MMM

The Arizona Bankruptcy Courts adopted a new program in early 2017 known as the Mortgage Mediation Modification Program (“The MMM”). The pilot program first began in the states of Florida and Nevada, and resulted in an over 60% success rate in allowing homeowners to gain new mortgages. Mortgage modification is a frustrating process for homeowners to go through, often ending up with dead ends, shifting of their matter to other departments, and delivering multiple denial (or “Need More Information”) letters.

A homeowner entering the MMM Program, for the first time in history, has a court-supervised process with an appointed Mortgage Mediator who supervises the program, schedules deadlines, and forces the mortgage lenders to get to the end result. While there is no guarantee of a new mortgage, homeowners whose mortgage payments are more than 31% of their gross income stand a fair chance of getting a new mortgage (with lower payments and often forty-year terms) through the MMM. The MMM’s mandatory requirements of participation and decision on the part of the mortgage lender is the first effort on the part of the Courts to become involved in legally enforcing the mortgage loan modification process.

At Wesbrooks Law Firm PLLC we are seeing a tremendous success rate in assisting homeowners through the MMM process to gain modification of their home mortgages. Our firm offers free consultations, by phone or in the office, to discuss ways to modify existing debts (mortgages, auto loans and tax payouts) and which include methods of completely eliminating other existing debts such as credit cards and medical bills. Anyone interested in the MMM program can call for a free phone or office consultation by calling (602) 262-4357.

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